Genome mining of novel antimicrobial

Creator of Opportunity: Dr.Miu Xiang, University of Glasgow, Department of Biology. Project Description:  Previously underexploited antimicrobial natural products Duties: You will gain experience in chemical synthesis of small molecules, cloning genes for heterologous expression. Essential Qualities: Must have experience in bacterial culture and a degree in Biology (ongoing) Compensation: $1000 provided for accommodation, food, … Read more

Development of antiviral peptido-mimetic enzyme inhibitors

Creator of Opportunity:  Dr. Stuart Robbins, University of Dundee, Department of Chemistry. Project Description:  Design and prepare several peptidomimetic inhibitors of coronavirus enzymes Duties: Modeling studies to design inhibitors based on known coronavirus enzymes and study the preparation of selected compounds. Essential Qualities:  ImageJ, FRET Analysis, Cell culture Compensation: $700 for 10 6 hour … Read more

The aim of this project is Constrained Control of Nonlinear Engineering

Creator of Opportunity: Dr. George Saut, University of Aberdeen, Department of Applied Physics. Project Description:  To maintain a specific behavior by apply adequate control methods through actuators. Duties: Nonlinear and Chaos Control methods such as sliding mode, Time-delayed Feedback, etc. Essential Qualities: Engineering Mathematics especially ODEs. Compensation: Accommodation provided. Deadline to apply: 30/07/2020 Duration: … Read more

Project title: Algebraic Methods in Musical Composition

    Creator of Opportunity: Dr. Nina Palmetto, University of Edinburgh, Department of Maths. Project Description: The aim of this project is to develop algebraic techniques for musical composition Duties: A sequence of operations is applied to this sound in turn, and the resulting sequence of sounds is concatenated. Essential Qualities: Degree in maths, … Read more